shenzhen ZhiDeXing Technology co., LTD.


Company culture

“People-oriented” is the premise of the company's innovation and progress. The company regards each employee as a valuable asset, not only training them to master production skills and management skills, but also focusing on cultivating their excellent qualities of “integrity, diligence, and mutual assistance”.

The company attaches great importance to employee welfare, cares about the daily life of employees, enables employees to feel ‘home’, makes employees full of work passion, and makes enterprises full of vitality.

The company is committed to establishing a corporate culture of “integrity, diligence, mutual assistance, innovation, progress, and sharing”, comprehensively improving the quality of employees and corporate image, enhancing the sense of responsibility and mission of employees and the company, bringing employees’ outlook on life, values, and the company’s core The values are combined to share the achievements of the company's development.

Quality Policy

Sincerity, unity, manufacturing quality, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Chi Dexing spirit

* The strength of the team is invincible.
* Team combat is always better than single-handedly.
* Make things that others can not do.
* Persist in what others think is very simple.

professional service

Careful attention to every customer needs,
Make every effort to improve company services.
Sincerely seek long-term common development.
We treat each other honestly and build the foundation for cooperation with our customers.
We win with quality and build the foundation for successful cooperation with customers;
We escort it quickly to build a successful foundation for long-term cooperation with customers.

Latest product

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