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Membrane switches have been widely used in various industries. Man-machine interface operation using membrane switches is undoubtedly a lower supporting cost while improving the overall product value. Zhi Dexing uses all imported materials to ensure product quality and allows customers to obtain quality products. That is, the commonly used electronic products in life do not leave the membrane switch, for example, button manipulation.

The main features:
1, novel and high technology content, high grade
2, the performance is highly stable, using imported core components assembly
3, the operation is sensitive and convenient, can fully realize the mouse function
4, smooth writing, positioning highly accurate, no dead spots, no drift, no disconnection
5, long life, durable
6, high light transmittance, up to 99%
7, easy to install, low cost
8, dust, explosion-proof, waterproof, anti-wear, anti-glare, etc.
9, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions, indoor and outdoor can be used

The main application scope:
1, industrial industrial equipment
2. Car DVD navigation and transportation
3, medical beauty equipment
4, public query equipment
5, exhibition equipment
6, computer monitors
7, education touch one machine
8, query touch one machine
9, advertising machine touch one machine
10, indoor and outdoor touch one machine
11. Entertainment and Game Equipment
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