shenzhen ZhiDeXing Technology co., LTD.


Shenzhen Zhidexing Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhidexing Technology is a company engaged in the production, sales, and service of membrane switches and is a member of the Shenzhen Thin Film Panel Industry Association. Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing membrane switches, touch panels, and flexible circuits in a high-tech company. The company has a well-equipped, fully-fledged manufacturing platform and a strong professional and technical team. The produced membrane switch products are widely used in communications, paper machine membrane switch, industrial control, CNC machinery, injection molding machinery, embroidery machine membrane switch, sewing machine membrane switch equipment, sparks, inverters, household appliances, children's toys, instruments, Instruments, medical equipment, electronic game machines, military products, etc.

■ Zhi Dexing: The company strives to build a united workforce
Designers and R&D personnel are engineers who have worked for well-known companies in the industry for more than 8 years and can meet the design needs of various types of membrane switches. The employees of the production line all have years of operating skills.

■ Zhi Dexing: The company's well-equipped facilities and facilities
Spacious and bright workshop, modern factory building. Automatic printers, automatic punchers, and detectors are among the better membrane switch manufacturers and film panel manufacturers today.

■ Zhi Dexing: The company implements efficient management
Whether it is the establishment of a quality management system, or environmental protection, occupational safety and health, and production and sales management aspects, it fully complies with internationally accepted standards. The general manager of the company has used its years of experience in ISO9000, ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 consulting and auditing, as well as years of experience in the position of the veteran manager of the industry. The scientific management experience formed and accumulated has been applied to the management of the company, establishing a complete and in line with modern enterprise management. The required standardized management system.

■ Zhi Dexing: The company strives to improve service levels
The company is dedicated to serving the broad masses of old and new customers with the faith of "intelligence in quality, integrity in ethics, and prosperity in the profession". Since its establishment, the company has quickly gained the favor and attention of its customers, and has established and maintained good cooperation relationships with well-known customers in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan.

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